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Nutritional Supplements

When it comes to nutritional supplements the most important consideration is quality of ingredients. The best quality, and what I recommend to all of my patients who ask, is pharmaceutical grade supplements. Choosing pharmaceutical grade supplements ensures you receive a standardized dose of quality-controlled ingredients with the least exposure to contaminants like pesticides, binders and fillers. This way your body is best able to take in what it needs in the dosed amount and make optimal use of the nutrient. Typically this elevated level of ingredient quality and the control and oversight that go into producing it translate into a higher cost. By choosing this level of quality, however, you are best assured of giving your body what you intend without paying for a possibly ineffective product that may even contain harmful added ingredients.

Pharmaceutical grade supplements are not typically available at most retail or online shops. Historically the best way to access this highest quality of nutritional supplement is through a holistically minded health care practitioner. In order to provide my patients with access to this treatment resource I have chosen to partner with an online dispensary of exclusively professional-grade nutritional supplements. Anyone, whether a patient of mine or not, is able to access this dispensary through my website with a 5% discount on standard retail pricing. For patients who work directly with me, I extend a 15% discount on all supplements and will provide specific prescriptions detailing dosages, timing, and length of treatment. In certain cases it may make sense to undertake lab testing to best assess nutritional deficiencies or specific disease risks in order to formulate an optimized nutritional supplement treatment plan.

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